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Aircon Sandton for Air Conditioning Installations, Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance in Sandton. Call Air Conditioners Sandton at 083-859-9580. We have a great team of qualified technicians to take on any challenge.

Air Conditioning Sandton aims to please! We strive for perfection and customer satisfaction. Our goal is not only to establish long term business relationships. We also aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients! With over 12 years of collective knowledge and experience. Air conditioning and refrigeration. The air conditioning brands we cover include: Daikin Aircons in Sandton. Hitachi Aircons in Sandton. Fujitsu Aircons in Sandton. Mitsubishi Aircons in Sandton. Samsung Aircons in Sandton. Climatronic Aircons in Sandton. Alliance Aircons in Sandton and JetAir Aircons in Sandton.

AirCon Sandton is an Air Conditioning Business in Sandton. We are industry experts in domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning. As well as refrigeration. No matter how big or how small your needs are. We will provide you with a solution that will suit any size project and budget. AC Sandton takes great pride in delivering professional Aircon Services in Sandton.

NO OTHER air conditioning company comes close to us. We take great care of our customers and listen to what their needs are. We’re always available to assist you with any air conditioning problems. No matter what time of day or night or problem you’re experiencing. HVAC Sandton are members of. South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC). South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors’ Association (SARACCA).

Sandton Aircon Services

Here at Aircon Sandton we provide hassle free AirCons to Sandton. We provide cost effective Residential Air Conditioning. Commercial Air Conditioning and Industrial Air Conditioning. Services include: Air Conditioning Installation Sandton. Air Conditioning Maintenance Sandton. Air Conditioning Repair Sandton and Air Conditioning Servicing Sandton. We maintain all makes and models of air conditioning from major brands. We work with all kinds of air conditioners from split air conditioners. Ducted Air Conditioners. Multi-Split Air Conditioners. Roof Top Air Conditioners. Cassette Air Conditioners. Window Air Conditioners and Consol Air Conditioners. More technical cooling systems like Water-Cooled Chillers. Air-Cooled Chillers. VRF Systems. Data Centre, HVAC Systems and Laboratory AC Systems.

Split Air Conditioning


Ceiling Mounted Cassette

The Ceiling Mounted Cassette System is a powerful system that delivers clean heated or cooled air into any home, office, retail centre or building. A Ceiling Mounted Cassette system is non obtrusive and is made up of the outdoor unit. Which is a powerful direct current compressor and indoor unit. Which can be found in the ceiling housed in a self-contained cassette. Providing air flows in almost every direction by sensing motion and number of people in the space. It’s also monitored temperature levels according to its settings.

VRF Air Conditioning System

A VRF Air Conditioning system brings clean quality conditioned air to office complexes or buildings. It’s mainly used in multi level buildings, hotels and hospitals. VRF means Variable Refrigerant Flow which regulates refrigerant flow according to the amount of people within the given space. The VRF Air Conditioning system is made up of one or many indoor units and the outdoor unit which provides consistent heated or cooled air by varying the refrigerant. The outdoor unit serves one or many indoor units. The most important component to a VRF system is the Digital Thermal Expansion Valve or DTE which senses refrigerant gas temperature within the circuit. Another important part is the compressor, which self regulates according to signals provided by the DTE valve.

Window Mounted Air Conditioning

The Window Mounted Air Conditioning System is non obtrusive, operates quietly, and delivers clean air to any reasonably sized room in your home or office. Window Mounted Air Conditioning Systems are fully contained within a cabinet and mounted in a cavity in a wall or window opening. This allows for effective distribution of clean air to the space while expelling heat from the condenser. If properly configured, the Window Mounted Air Conditioning System can provide warm and cool air. All Window Mounted Air Conditioning Systems can remove moisture from the air and dust filters that ensure removal of airborne dust particles. A wireless remote control provides access to the many functions and settings.

Sandton Aircon Services

York Air Conditioning

York Air Conditioning has been around for 145 years and they are reliable. They have refined their products to provide comfort at home and in the work place. Their home comfort range of air conditioners includes. Mini split air conditioner, Air Handlers, Evaporator Coils, Gas Furnaces. Heat Pumps and packaged systems. While their commercial solutions, like air systems, chilled water systems. VRF and ductless systems as well as packaged and split systems.

Jet-Air Air Conditioning

Jet-Air Air Conditioning, another well-known and beloved South African air conditioning brand. Jet-Air supplies a wide range of residential air conditioners like Split Air Conditioner. Portable, Floor standing and Midwall Split Air Conditioner. They also have a light commercial range which supplies air curtains. Cassette, Duct and Under Ceiling Air Conditioning. Not to mention their heavy industrial range which has Big Ducted systems. Rooftop Units, VRF systems and Chillers.

Midea Air Conditioning

Midea Air Conditioning has a wide range of products and solutions. From portable air conditioners to split air conditioners as well as Window Air Conditioners which cover the domestic range. Their Commercial Air Conditioning systems include Cassette Air Conditioners, under Ceiling Air Conditioners. Duct and Floor Standing systems. Bringing us to their industrial air conditioning range. Designed to maintain constant temperatures throughout shopping malls, warehouses and hotels.

Alliance Air Conditioning

Alliance Air Conditioning, one of South Africa’s leading air conditioning brands. Caters for residents with their mid-wall split air conditioners and portable air conditioners. They also cater for the commercial sector with Air Curtains. Cassette, Ducting, Under Ceiling, Roof Top, Window Wall and Floor Standing Air Conditioners. They don’t have an industrial range yet. But they supply a wide range of heat pumps for domestic and commercial use.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Blowing Warm Air

Some of the more common problems we encounter daily. Are air conditioning systems blowing warm air instead of cool air? Or dirty filters and no refrigerant gas. Blocked vents or leaking pipes from poor installation. Finally, another common problem is air conditioners making strange noises.

AC Not Blowing

If your air conditioning system is running but not blowing out cold or warm air. This can be from a variety of things. Try and take note of when the system was last serviced. If not serviced in over a year, that may be the problem. It can also be a compressor, no gas or blocked and no dirty condenser.

Reset AC

If you would like to reset your air conditioning unit, all you need to do is follow these simple steps. Unplug the power from the unit and wait for 15 seconds. Next, hold down the reset button for 3 seconds. If it doesn’t switch on, repeat the steps. Or, check the user manual or call the manufacturer for advice.

AC Not Cooling

Air Conditioner Not Cooling: One of the more common signs is that your air conditioning system may need some repair. It’s when you leave it to run and it’s no longer cooling or heating like it once did. Caused by a variety of things and can be as simple as a service needed. Or as big as the compressor needing replacement.

Water Leak

Water Leaking: Another very common sign is that your air conditioner needs a little love and care when. You start noticing water droplets dripping down from your system. It may be something as little as a few drops or be serious like an entire puddle. In a case like this it needs to looking because it can be a start to a much greater problem.

Strange Sounds

Hearing Unusual Noises: Even though the air conditioning system consists of moving parts. This means there will be a certain degree of noise like hearing the fan and compressor running. However, if you are hearing noises similar to banging, clicking, humming, squealing, etc … This means there is a serious problem switch system off and calling us.


Air conditioning is exactly what the name says it is. Air conditioning is an electrical unit that conditions the air. This provides a more comfortable environment for living.
Not only does air conditioning warm or cool the air. Aircons also filter the air from dust, germs and many other elements that we breathe in.

Regular servicing and maintenance of your aircon is important. This will help prevent any future costly repairs. Prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. All our
Technicians are well trained with several years of experience. All of our vehicles come equipped to handle any size AirCons no matter how big or small. All teams are well trained to deliver a complete solution.

The major difference between inverter air conditioner and non inverter is this. Inverter Air Conditioners controls the speed of the compressor’s fans. When the room gets
heated or cooled to the desired temperature. The air conditioning system will stop working. Until the temperature changes then it will start up again.

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