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Welcome to the Commercial Air Conditioning Randburg information and services page.  Does your Air Conditioning System need a little TLC? If the answer is yes. Air Conditioning Randburg offer reliable and professional Commercial Air Conditioning in Randburg Call 083-859-9580 Now.

Randburg Commercial Air Conditioning can be cost effective when installed right. Office Aircons have dual functions, they cool the air and they warm the air. For the best solutions in Commercial Aircons Randburg. Speak to the experts in Randburg Office Air Conditioning, MacAir Air Conditioning. We understand that each business environment is unique. As a result, there are many factors to consider to find the best air conditioning solution for your business. Commercial AC Randburg will tailor a air conditioning solution. To suit your budget and requirements. Allow Commercial Air Conditioning Randburg to take the hassle of dealing with your aircon system.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services Randburg

Provided below are our three main Air Conditioning Services in Randburg we offer namely. Commercial Aircon Installations Randburg, Commercial Aircon Repairs Randburg and Commercial Aircon Maintenance Randburg. Whether you own a office or office building. Shop or shopping mall. Server Room or Resturant Air Conditioning Randburg have a solution for you.

AC Installation

Commercial Air Conditioning Installations Randburg

Improve The Quality of Life For Your Staff With Quality Aircons by Aircons Randburg!

When it comes to Commercial Air Conditioning Installations Randburg. We provide a wide range of aircon solutions that will suit any budget and any business. There are many models available, and many brands to choose from. Choosing the right Aircon for your office can be tricky and most often won’t do what it’s meant to do. That’s why it’s best to consult the industry leading experts in Commercial  Air Conditioning in Randburg.

AC Repairs

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs Randburg

We Repair Any Make And Model Air Conditioner Get Affordable Office Air Conditioning!

At Commercial Air conditioning Repairs Randburg. We provide the most cost effective and affordable Air Conditioning Repairs in Randburg. For Business Aircons, we provide reliable and professional repairs. Our technicians are all certified and qualified to provide Randburg Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs. Book a technician to repair your office air conditioning today.

AC Maintenance

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Randburg

Prevention Is Better Than Cure Avoid Expensive Repairs Book Air Conditioning Maintenance!

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Randburg, designed to keep your equipment in tip top running condition. Prolonging the lifespan of your investment and keeping your aircons running longer. The majority of Office Air Conditioning breakdowns are from poor to no maintenance. Aircon breakdowns lead to expensive repairs. Our Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance in Randburg is affordable. 

Types Of Commercial Air Conditioners in Randburg

Cassette AC

Cassette Air Conditioning

The Ceiling Mounted Cassette Air Conditioning Randburg Is A Powerful System. That Delivers Clean, Heated Or Cooled Air Into Any Home, Office, Retail Centre Or Building. This Under Ceiling Air Conditioner Is Mainly Noticed In Open-Plan Offices With Suspended Ceilings.

Ducted AC

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning Randburg Consists Of A Heat Exchanger Located Outside. With Ducts Constructed From Flexible Cylindrical Tubes Hidden From Plain Sight. Located In Ceiling Voids. Delivering Clean Air and comfortTo Many Rooms or open spaces throughout a building.

Evaporative AC

Evaporative Cooler

An Evaporative Cooling Randburg Uses Evaporation To Efficiently Reduce The Temperature. Of Your Inside Air. It Has A Water Reservoir, A Fan And A Thick Pad With Some Additional Items. Warm Air Moves In And Travels Through The Pads. This Causes The Air Temperature Inside The System To Drop.

Split AC

Split Air Conditioning

Split Air Conditioning Randburg Is Available For Home Or Office Without Any Ductwork. They Are An Ideal Choice For Their Heating And Cooling Features. They are Available In 9000, 12 000, 18 000 And 24 000 BTU With Inverter Or Non-Inverter Units.


VRF Air Conditioning

VRF Air Conditioning Randburg System Automatically Adjusts The Temperature. According To The Amount Of People Within The Given Space. Mainly Used In Multi Level Buildings, Hotels And Hospitals. It consists Of One Or Many Indoor Units.

Window AC

Window Air Conditioning

Window Air Conditioning Randburg. Operates Quietly, And Delivers Clean Air To Any Reasonably Sized Room In Your Home Or Office. Requires A Window Opening Or Wall Cavity On Outside Wall To Ensure The Condenser Gets Rid Of The Heated Air.




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